Prof. Katiyar graduated in 1968 from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore with a Ph.D. in Physics. From 1971 to date, he has served on the Physics faculties of various universities, including the University of Southern California (Los Angeles), University of Campinas (Brazil), and presently at the University of Puerto Rico (San Juan). During all these years, he has been deeply involved in research projects on oxide ceramics, especially ferroelectrics and semiconductor materials for applications in energy efficient electronics, energy storage, and energy harvesting.  He is well known for his expertise in the area of Raman spectroscopy for size:structure:property investigations of bulk and nano-structured materials and films.  Besides, he is deeply involved in fabrication and characterization of thin films of oxide ferroelectrics for the above applications and also Li-ion/Li-S battery materials for rechargeable batteries.

Professor Katiyar is an internationally recognized scientist in the above areas having more than 1000 scientific publications with over 19000 citations.   He was honored as an American Physical Society Fellow in 2008, Materials Research Society Fellow in 2013, and Electrochemical Society fellow in 2016 based on his contributions to the advance of materials research.  He has participated in organizing symposiums on multiferroics under the electronics division of ACerS, presented invited talks, and chaired sessions on several occasions at MS&T and ACerS meetings. He has also organized several ferroelectric workshops and an international symposium on integrated functionalities in Puerto Rico (2010).