Song Li is working as a professor at Liupanshui Normal University (Lipanshui, China). He received his Master (2013) and BSc degree (2011) in metallurgy from Northeastern University (Shenyang China). Following his Master, he has been actively involved in teaching and research activities at Liupanshui Normal College, where he delivers lectures on metallurgical transfer principles and conducts experiments related to metallurgical transfer principles. The primary focus of his research lies in the comprehensive utilization of metallurgical resources. He has completed three provincial-level teaching research projects, one provincial-level natural science fund, and one municipal science and technology bureau project, demonstrating his dedication to advancing knowledge.  He has been honored as the fifth Municipal Management Expert of Liupanshui City, acknowledging his expertise in his field and his contributions to the local community. Furthermore, he has been awarded the third prize of teaching achievements at the university level, recognizing his excellence in teaching and educational endeavors. Additionally, he has been recognized as a “Pioneer of Teacher Morality” at the university level, highlighting his commitment to ethical and moral values in the teaching profession. Song Li has published 6 papers as a co-author.