S-GosseStéphane Gossé is a Research Engineer within the Department of Physico-Chemistry of the Nuclear Energy Division of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA Saclay, France). He joined the CEA Saclay in 2004 for a Post-Doc fellowship after a PhD in material sciences at University of Orléans funded by the French national aerospace research center (ONERA). He became a Research Engineer at CEA in 2006.

Dr.  Gossé has authored/coauthored about 25 technical papers. He is involved in various projects dealing with high temperature thermodynamics of materials throughout the nuclear fuel cycle. His current research combines thermodynamic modeling and high temperature experimental studies on nuclear materials. His actual work mainly focuses on the thermochemistry of corium pools during severe accident scenarios and on the high temperature behavior of insoluble fission products during the vitrification process of nuclear waste forms.