Sudipta Seal, University Distinguished Professor, Trustee Chair and UCF Pegasus Professor, joined University of Central Florida (UCF) in fall 1997 after a postdoctoral work at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. At UCF, he pioneered nanostructured cerium oxide and other metal/oxide ceramic (micro to nano), discovered its antioxidant properties, and applied in various biomedical problems.  He is also involved in plasma based large-scale manufacturing of coatings and nano-energetics materials. He served as a Director of Advanced Materials Processing Analysis Center, and Nanotechnology Center, currently Chair of newly created Materials Science and Engineering and holds an appointment with College of Medicine and the Biionix Research Cluster. He is the recipient of the 2002: Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award (ONR-YIP), elected to attend the Frontiers of Eng Symposium by National Academy of Engineering and recipient of Fellow of FASM, FAAAS, FAVS, FIoN, FAIMBE, FNAI, FECS, FMRS, FRSC. He is inducted the Florida Hall of Fame of Inventors, with more than 70 issued patents and many of them are licensed.