Tomoyuki-Nakamura-photoTomoyuki Nakamura is a senior manager of the Technology Development Group of the Capacitor Division in Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan.
He graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry Engineering, Nagoya University, in 1994. He received the Master’s degree of engineering from the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, in 1996. He joined Murata in 1996. His activities in Murata have been consistently related to material design and processing of dielectric ceramics for monolithic ceramic capacitor (MLCC) and related technologies. By controlling the microstructure of dielectrics, he has successfully developed the dielectrics applicable for MLCCs with thinner dielectric layer. He also has developed BaTiO3-based non-reducible low-loss dielectrics for power applications. He has been an author on 5 technical articles. He holds 39 registered patents in Japan and 30 registered patents in US.
He is aggressively pursuing to resolve issues related to dielectric ceramics for MLCCs and to make sufficient contribution to commercialize the high performance MLCCs.