Dr. Victoria L. Blair is a Materials Engineer at DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory (ARL), at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. She received her BS in ceramic engineering and PhD in ceramics from Alfred University (New York State College of Ceramics) in 2008 and 2014, respectively. Dr. Blair joined ARL as a post-doctoral fellow in June 2014 and has conducted research on processing functional materials for solid-state batteries and laser gain media. Dr. Blair’s current research area is focused on transparent ceramics for Army applications, including ceramic windows and domes. Dr. Blair currently serves as an ARL technical lead for high temperature materials. In 2020, Dr. Blair earned the ARL Early Career Award, which is awarded to exceptional scientists at the onset of their career and includes financial support for a new research area.

Dr. Blair has been a member of ACerS since 2007, when she first joined Material Advantage as a student. In 2008, she supported the foundation of the President’s Council of Student Advisors and initiated many of the student programming that ceramics students now enjoy at ACerS meetings. Dr. Blair currently serves as the Mentor-at-Large for the PCSA to give back to the student organization and mentor the next generation of ACerS leaders. Dr. Blair has served on multiple committees within ACerS including; the Member Services committee, Strategic Planning and Emerging Opportunities (SPEO) committee, Educational and Professional Development Council (EPDC), and the Young Professional Network. She currently co-leads the ACerS DC/Baltimore/NoVA Section and is a member of the Basic Science and Engineering Ceramics Divisions. In 2021, Dr. Blair earned the Du-Co Ceramics Young Professional Award and the Robert L. Coble Award for Young Scholars.