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Walter Kob

KobWalter Kob earned his diploma in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Universitat Basel, Switzerland in 1985 and his PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics (magna cum laude), Universitat Basel in 1989 and his Habilitation in theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Universitat Mainz, Germany in 1997. He has been a full professor since 2003. Previously, Kob was an associate professor conducting research in statistical mechanical properties of disordered systems (supercooled liquids, glasses, Potts-glasses, oxide glasses). He held an assistance professor position in Professor Kurt Binder’s group at Universitat Mainz for six years. Among his many achievements, Kob was the 2011 recipient of the Ivan Peyches Award of the French Academy of Science and the 2007 recipient of the Otto Schott Research Award for “Outstanding research achievements in glass science”. He has more than 170 publications, including one textbook, and more than 7400 citations.