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Yasushi Enokido

enokido_125x148Yasushi Enokido is a section chief in the Magnet Materials Development Section in the Advanced Technology Development Center of TDK Corporation, Chiba, Japan. He graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry, Keio University and received his Master’s degree in Materials Science from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University. He is the author of 7 technical articles and holds 28 registered patents in Japan and 8 registered patents in the US. He received the best paper awards at the 5th Microelectronics Symposium and The Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of Japan.
His research activities span broad areas of materials science such as rare-earth magnets and various electronic ceramics with related technologies including microstructural control of varistors, grain-boundary modification of soft ferrites, fabrication of photonic crystals for millimeter wave and process development of three dimensional printing for electronic devices studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has developed many rare-earth magnet materials using his ceramic processing knowledge and experiences, especially the liquid sintering and grain boundary control. His developed magnet materials are used in the widely-sold Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) in the world.  His current research interest covers rare earth reduced magnets. He and his team have successfully developed Dysprosium free magnets for home appliance and industrial use, and also have developed Neodymium reduced and rare-earth free magnets.