Imanaka_Y_125Yoshihiko Imanaka is a research fellow at Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan.  He earned his BS from Kyushu University, Japan in 1983 and an MS in Materials Science and Engineering from Lehigh University Pennsylvania in 1994. He received a PhD from Kyushu University in 1999.

Dr. Imanaka joined Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. in 1983. He developed multilayered low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) for supercomputers and was the first to publish this technology in “Multilayered Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) Technology” in English and Chinese. He developed thin metalizing layer technology on the surface of aluminum nitride for multi-chip modules of high-end global servers. He has developed a decoupling capacitor at high frequency, and he succeeded in fabricating multilayered ceramic capacitors on printed circuit boards using dense ceramic nanoparticulate film (patents registered in US and Japan).

Dr. Imanaka received the Excellent Invention award from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation in 1993. He received the Richard M. Fulrath Award from The American Ceramic Society in 2006, the Minister Prize of Science and Technology Policy from the Government of Japan in 2007, and the Technology Achievement Award from The Ceramic Society of Japan in 2011. He has contributed as organizer, steering committee member and advisory board member in MS&T, ICC, and PacRim meetings.

He is currently developing a thin ceramic decoupling capacitor with low inductance and high capacitance for high-speed LSI for high-end computers and environmental and energy materials.