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Yoshio Sakka

Sakka_Y_125Yoshio Sakka is a Managing Director of the Materials Processing Unit at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), and a Professor at the University of Tsukuba.  He received his B.E. in 1978, M.E. in 1980, and Ph.D. in 1983 from Kyushu University for his work on cationic diffusion of zirconia solid solution systems, studying under Prof. Y. Oish. After receiving his Ph.D, he joined the National Research Institute for Metals (now NIMS). From 1991-92, he spent a year at the University of Washington.

His current research interests are fabricating innovative ceramics that show novel individual property and/or multi-functional properties among electric, dielectric, thermal, optical, chemical and mechanical properties through the development of nanoparticle processing. Dr. Sakka is the author or coauthor of 14 books, more than 420 original referee’s papers, more than 60 review papers, and more than 50 patents (including application).

He has received many awards, such as Fulrath award from The American Ceramic Society (May 2000), the Academic Achievement Award from the Japanese Ceramic Society (May 2005), the Chinese Ceramic Society Award (Oct. 2005), the Academy member of the World Academy of Ceramics (July 2009), and the Richard Brook Award from the European Ceramic Society (June 2011).  

He has been a member of ACerS since 1987 and is affiliated with the Basic Science Division.