Yuchao Qiu is studying as a postgraduate at Northeastern University (Shenyang, China) under the guidance of Associate Professor Junjie Shi. He received his BSc degree (2020) in resource recycling science and engineering from Shenyang University of Chemical Technology (Shenyang, China). his research during master period primarily focused on exploring the thermodynamic phase diagrams of metallurgical slag systems and ceramic systems, involving investigating the equilibrium relationships between different oxide phases presented in titania-bearing slag system, providing valuable insights into their thermodynamic properties and behavior. The results from the constructed phase diagram contributed to the understanding of the stability and transformation of materials in specific environments and conditions. His findings not only provide fundamental insights into the behavior of metallurgical slag systems and ceramic systems but also have practical implications for industrial processes and material design. He has co-authored over 10 journal papers. In addition, he was awarded as the National Scholarship for Postgraduate Student in China and was honored as an Outstanding Postgraduate Student of Northeastern University in 2022.