Yukio Sato is a Professor at Research and Education Institute for Semiconductors and Informatics, Kumamoto University since 2023. After receiving Ph. D. from The University of Tokyo in 2006, he joined Japan Fine Ceramics Center as a JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Science) research fellow in 2007. Then, he joined The University of Tokyo in 2010 as an assistant Professor, and Kyushu University in 2014 as an Associate Professor. His major research interest is microscopic origin of physical properties in electronic devices, and he mostly uses electron microscopy for structural characterization. Owing to his research achievement, he has received Graduate Student Gold Award from Materials Research Society in 2005, Ross Coffin Purdy Award from the American Ceramic Society in 2008, Shinpo-sho from the Ceramic Society of Japan in 2013, and The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Meritorious Award in 2021.