Yumo Zhai is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Northeastern University (Shenyang China), under the guidance of Associate Professor Junjie Shi. She completed her undergraduate studies at Shenyang University of Chemical Technology (Shenyang China), where she developed a strong foundation in the field of materials science and metallurgy. Yumo’s research primarily focuses on the investigation of thermodynamic phase diagrams and equilibrium phenomena. Her work aims to understand the crystallization thermodynamics during the smelting process for the production of continuous basalt fibers. By conducting systematic studies, she aims to determine the core subsystem phase diagram information of basaltic oxide systems, which will provide valuable insights into the kinetic behavior of materials under high-temperature conditions.  By analyzing the relationship between composition and crystalline phases, she aims to provide a solid foundation for the regulation of basaltic ore composition, which is crucial for optimizing the production processes in the Basalt fiber production industry. Her research has the potential to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the basalt fiber industry. Yumo has published 3 papers as a co-author.