Volunteer opportunities

Want to support the next generation of ceramic and glass materials scientists? Or how about pursue one of the many micro-or-macro-volunteer positions available at ACerS.

The mission of the CGIF is to ensure that the industry is able to attract and train the highest quality talent available to work with engineered systems and products that utilize ceramic and glass materials.

The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation (CGIF) knows that ACerS members are the best at sharing their knowledge and time! That’s why the CGIF offers volunteer opportunities to help inspire the next generation of materials scientists and engineers! The CGIF participates in several outreach events each year and we need volunteers to help demonstrate the hands-on activities we feature in our exhibit.  This opportunity is an easy and fun way to encourage teachers, parents, and students to learn more about materials science as we showcase some of the demonstrations from our Materials Science Classroom Kit. Working professionals welcome! College students welcome! Retirees welcome!

For more information, contact Amanda Engen, CGIF Program Coordinator, at aengen@ceramics.org.

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