01-01 Cements 2018

Credit: ACerS, Cements 2018


Happy New Year!

As we get out of bed today (far later than we will the rest of this week), it is time to seriously ready for all the commitments we promised last year in preparation for this one. And for us here at ACerS, that means readying for all the meetings and events we are organizing in 2019!

Whether you’re an individual member, student, or corporate partner, keep your eye on Ceramic Tech Today, the website, and of course, ACerS Bulletin for all the latest details.


Networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities at meetings

Members already know that meetings and symposia are not just the best places for knowledge sharing—they are the best places to network! Here is a quick rundown of ACerS meeting highlights for 2019:

EMA 2019, January 23–25: Organized by ACerS Electronics and Basic Science Divisions, EMA focuses on applications of electroceramic materials.

ICACC19, January 27–February 1: Learn about the latest cutting-edge research and developments in advanced ceramics, solid oxide fuel cells, bioceramics, and more—organized by ACerS Engineering Ceramics Division.

St. Louis Section/Refractory Ceramics Division Symposium on Refractories, March 26–28: Sponsored by ACerS Refractory Ceramics Division and the St. Louis section, this year’s theme is “Shaped Refractories.”

Ceramics Expo 2019, April 30–May 1: Introducing a new two-day format for 2019, Ceramics Expo will feature a more focused two-track conference that includes a dedicated B2B matchmaking area on the show floor and involves more than 300 suppliers. You’ll want to check out the latest innovations in materials, products, and processes for the ceramic manufacturing industry.

ICG 2019, June 9–14: Organized by ACerS Glass & Optical Materials Division, ICG 2019 will feature a special recognition of the 100th anniversary of GOMD, student career roundtables, and technical and historical excursions in and around the Boston area.

Advances in Cement-Based Materials, June 16-18: Learn about the latest developments in cements research, including the Della Roy Lecture, organized by ACerS Cements Division.

Structural Clay Products Division & Southwest Section Meeting, June 24-27: Held in conjunction with the National Brick Research Center Meeting, the meeting will feature technical sessions, multiple networking receptions, two plant tours, hospitality suite, and the annual banquet.

GFMAT­–2 and Bio–4, July 21–26: Organized and hosted by ACerS, the focus of GFMAT–2 and Bio–4 will be on recent societal challenges in the new millennium including, but not being limited to, health, energy, and environmental aspects.

MS&T19, September 29– October 3: A combined meeting with four other societies, ACerS 121st Annual Meeting and annual awards are highlights of MS&T, which focuses on current research and technical applications of materials science.

Credit: ACerS, EMA 2018

Short courses and workshops—A chance to increase your knowledge

You’ve decided to attend a meeting. Why not stick around for additional learning?

Winter Workshop 2019, ICACC19, January 25–29: A must-attend event for young professionals and ceramics and glass students, Winter Workshop features the latest research in ceramics, professional development, poster sessions, leadership discussions, and a career panel.

Mechanical Properties of Ceramics and Glass Short Course, ICACC19, Jan. 31–Feb. 1: This two-day short course addresses the mechanical properties of ceramics and glasses for elastic properties, strength measurements, fracture parameters, and the indentation hardness.

Understanding Why Ceramics Fail and Designing for Safety Short Course, Ceramics Expo 2019, April 29: This course presents a practical fracture mechanics background so you can better understand brittle failure.

Ultrafast Glass Science and Engineering Short Course, ICG 2019, June 9: Learn about the applications of ultrashort laser pulses to study and process glasses, ceramics, and glass-ceramics.

Glass Corrosion Short Course, ICG 2019, June 9: Learn the fundamental mechanisms of glass corrosion and their relation with kinetics from a panel of experts.

Credit: ACerS, Winter Workshop 2018

Knowledge enhancement from the comfort of your armchair

Perhaps you don’t have the funds to travel to a meeting or register for a short course this year. ACerS has you covered! Check out the entire library of educational resources and DVD courses, from Sintering of Ceramics to Surface Chemistry and Characterization of Bioactive Glasses.

And a key tool you’ll need for more accurate research results—Phase Equilibria Diagrams 4.3 database—has been updated with 396 new figures and 896 new diagrams beyond that available in Version 4.2. The database encompasses over 84 years of research, all packed into a two-inch USB drive!

Check out the rest of ACerS products here.

Don’t miss this year’s new service: ACerS Bulletin Archive, which goes back to the very first issue from May 1922, is available to all ACerS members! Log in to the archive using your ACerS login credentials and explore almost a hundred years of ACerS history.

There is a lot to look forward to at ACerS in 2019. From meetings, to short courses, to educational resources, ACerS has everything you need to increase your knowledge and expand your network of professional connections. If you haven’t joined yet, swing over to the membership area and get started on an exciting year!