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One of the benefits of an ACerS membership is access to the Society’s four journals: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, International Journal of Applied Glass Science, and International Journal of Ceramic Engineering and Science.

ACerS journals are set to publish a record numbers of articles in 2018, which adds even greater value to an ACerS membership. Every quarter, editors choose from among many outstanding articles that highlight themes of interest to the ceramic and glass community.

If you’re on the fence about joining the ACerS community, this is your opportunity to peruse several of our journal articles for free!

Through the end of the year, ACerS journal editors are offering free access to 40 journal articles tied to specific themes.

Are you interested in learning how brannerite phases in glass were demonstrated using uranium and plutonium, with gadolinium and hafnium added as neutron absorbers? Then you’ll definitely want to read “Development of brannerite glass‐ceramics for the immobilization of actinide‐rich radioactive wastes,” linked to the Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division page.

Maybe you want to learn how researchers developed a modified high-temperature adhesive based on polyborosilazane preceramic for joining graphite. You’ll find that in the article, “Polyborosilazane preceramic as matrix resin of high temperature adhesive for graphite bonding,” linked to the Engineering Ceramics Division page.

And did you know that it’s possible to cost-effectively fabricate ceramic tubes from commercial calcined bauxite using a new phase-inversion casting method? Learn how a team of researchers did this in “Cost‐effective porous ceramic tubes fabricated through a phase inversion/casting process using calcined bauxite,” linked to the Refractory Ceramics Division page.

Visit the respective Division publications pages below to see the entire collection of articles. Of course, ACerS members always have free access, but non-members have until December 31, 2018 to view these articles for free.

And if you’re not a member yet, head over here to learn more about the many benefits of an ACerS membership and join today!

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