TAMU group’s ultrathin polymer–clay coating creates flexible, transparent gas barrier

By / May 9, 2011

The clay–polymer layer-by-layer process (a) and an illustration of the quadlayer nano brick wall structure of PEI (blue), PAA (green), PEI and MMT clay (red). Credit: M.A. Priolo, et al; Nano Letters. It’s easy to imagine that the makers of food products have a wish list for packaging that, besides the obvious need to be…

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NIST news on glass transition, double graphene layers, magnet shape effects, new manufacturing blog and favored PV technologies

By / April 28, 2011

NIST measurements show that interactions of the graphene layers with the insulating substrate material causes electrons (red, down arrow) and electron holes (blue, up arrow) to collect in “puddles”. The differing charge densities creates the random pattern of alternating dipoles and electron band gaps that vary across the layers. Credit: NIST NIST’s latest Tech Beat…

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MS&T’10 beginning in Houston

By / October 17, 2010

I’ll be writing from Houston for the rest of the week, covering the MS&T’10 and the ACerS Annual Meeting events. Many consider Houston to be one of the centers of commerce for traditional (e.g., oil and gas) energy in the world, so I was somewhat surprised to run into several EV recharging stations like the…

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