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Scientific glassblowing—Part science, part art, all awesome

By April Gocha / October 15, 2014

Ceramics and glass, perhaps more than any other material, have a happy home in the blurry area between art and science. And perhaps smack in the center of that group is scientific glassblowing—part science, part art, and all awesome.

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Denver Art Museum gets techical, too, with CoorsTek porcelain exhibit

By / March 18, 2011

Beakers, such as this, and other porcelain lab equipment will be be part of an art exhibit opening in early June, which highlights the beauty of functional clay products manufactured by Coors Porcelain Co./CoorsTek. Credit: Denver Art Museum. The Denver Art Museum says it will have a special exhibit beginning June 11 called “Potters of precision: The…

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