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The American Ceramic Society Governance

2017-2018 Board of Directors: (left to right) Martha McCartney, David Johnson, Greg Rohrer, Kevin Fox, Mike Alexander, Martin Harmer, Manoj Choudhary, Charlie Spahr, Dan Lease, Dana Goski, Bill Lee; (missing from photo) Doreen Edwards, Sylvia Johnson, Lynnette Madsen, Sanjay Mathur.

Meet the 2017–2018 ACerS Board of Directors

Elected by the membership from among its members, The American Ceramic Society’s Board of Directors sets policy, approves the budget, makes appointments to leadership and representative positions, confers awards, and carries out other important matters for the Society. Ultimately, the board is responsible for setting the Society’s strategic direction.

Board members are elected to three-year terms. Nine voting directors serve at-large. Their terms are staggered so that a third of the at-large seats become vacant every year. The president is elected to a term of one year as a voting member. The president also serves one year in advance of his/her term as president-elect, and one year following as the immediate past president. The Society’s treasurer is appointed for a two-year term. ACerS executive director and the parliamentarian serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Board.

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