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AVS, Inc.

By Pam Wilson / June 13, 2019

AVS specializes in design, engineering, fabrication and complete integration of custom furnaces. We specialize in applications involving combinations of high temperatures to 2400°C, vacuum to 10-6 torr, and gas pressures up to 3000 psig (200 bar). We also manufacture furnaces that include hydraulic hot pressing from 5 tons to over 1000 tons of force, complex…

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Ceramic Powder Technology AS

By Pam Wilson / January 8, 2019

Cerpotech applies spray pyrolysis to produce high quality, multi-component ceramic oxide powders for various applications. Cerpotech is able to offer fine powders of tailored compositions with high purity and high homogeneity with excellent processing properties. Cerpotech has protocols for an extensive product portfolio and the capacity to supply tons pr year globally. Kvenildmyra 6 Tiller 7093…

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Anton Paar

By Pam Wilson / January 4, 2019

Quantachrome, now a brand of Anton Paar, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of laboratory instruments for characterizing properties of porous materials and powders. We specialize in instruments for the determination of surface area, pore size, pore volume and density, or more specific properties such as water vapor sorption. 10215 Timber Ridge…

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Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.

By Pam Wilson / December 10, 2018

FRITSCH is an internationally respected German manufacturer of commercial quality, professional application-oriented laboratory instruments & production equipment serving a broad range of industries – from agriculture to pharma to nano-technology. FRITSCH has a long, worldwide history of providing innovative solutions for particle size distribution and analysis. 57 Grant Drive, Suite G Pittsboro, NC 27312

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SPEX SamplePrep

By Pam Wilson / December 3, 2018

SPEX SamplePrep manufactures ball-mills, Fluxers and Pellet Presses that prepare samples for XRF and ICP analysis. Our fully automated Katanax electric fluxers prepare fused beads for XRF or solutions for ICP. Fusion is the ideal sample preparation technique for ceramic samples. Our high-energy ball mills and cryogenic grinders are able to pulverize the toughest materials. 65…

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By Pam Wilson / November 29, 2018

3DCERAM-SINTO regroups an un-parallel expertise in the technology of 3D printing, offering a complete package by accompanying their clients on their chosen projects, choice of ceramic, production specification, R&D, modification of 3D parts just to industrialization, on demand production, the selling of the CERAMAKER 900 printers and the associated consumables. 27 rue Petit Theil Limoges 87280…

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Tethon 3D

By Pam Wilson / October 17, 2018

Tethon 3D is the leading manufacturer of ceramic materials for additive manufacturing. Platform agnostic UV-curable resins are available for SLA or DLP 3D printers, including porcelain, glass-ceramic, ceramic for metal investment casting molds, iron, and other composite materials. Tethonite ceramic powders and companion binder are offered for binder jetting 3D printers. 719 South 75th Street…

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CM Furnaces Inc.

By Andrea Ross / October 10, 2018

CM Furnaces offers units of standard design and construction, as well as specialized custom units. We manufacture a complete line of Laboratory Furnaces in all configurations, including box and tube furnaces, ranging from 1000°C to 2000°C. These are available in air, inert and reducing atmospheres. CM also offers Production furnaces and our 1700°C Batch, Hydrogen…

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By Andrea Ross / October 9, 2018

Gasbarre is a full-service OEM offering equipment and services for powder materials, thermal processing, and manufacturing technologies. Products include mechanical, CNC hydraulic, electric, high-speed, and dry-bag isostatic presses, and vacuum and atmosphere furnaces in continuous and batch designs up to 3000ºF. Gasbarre also offers precision tooling for all its products. 590 Division Street DuBois, PA…

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Lithoz America LLC

By Andrea Ross / October 9, 2018

Lithoz is the system provider for additive manufacturing (3-D-printing) of high-performance ceramics. As a technology provider, Lithoz covers the whole process chain—from development of the machine to the materials and up to the application. Lithoz developed LCM technology, a slurry-based additive manufacturing technology based on photopolymerization. LCM has very high resolution and very good reproducibility…

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