Did you ever have a really positive experience with a company or organization, and you just couldn’t wait to tell someone else about it? It was so good, so out-of-the-ordinary, so above-and-beyond that you just felt like someone else had to experience it?

I’m sure that somewhere over the course of your life, you have. We all have. 

For our “I Love ACerS” project, we wanted to capture those experiences, those things (networking, career development, friendships, etc) that have made your involvement with ACerS special. And I think that we have.

We set up shop in the ACerS member lounge (which, if you were there, already know was THE place to be at MS&T) and filmed our members talking about why they have loved, love, and (hopefully) will continue to love ACerS. 

We didn’t coach them. These are their words, in their entirety (save for a little bit of editing for length)—off the cuff and on camera.

To those of you who participated, thank you. You are the stars of these videos because they (and you) are our stars. Your story is our story, and we hope that we’ve been able to express that in these short clips.

To those of you who couldn’t, please help write ACerS’s story in a different way, by sharing these videos (as well as these shorter videos highlighting individual, corporate, and student membership) with your colleagues, family, and friends.

Finally, to those of you who aren’t yet a part of the Society’s story, in the words of our members “come join us.” We hope to be featuring you in a video soon!

Credit: ACerS; YouTube