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Pacific Rim Engineering Ceramics Summit


Pacific Rim Engineering Ceramics Summit During the last fifty years, a wide ranging ground breaking research, technology development, and commercialization in the field of engineering and functional ceramics took place in the Pacific Rim countries. These seminal contributions to design and engineering of ceramics for multifunctional properties, led to their wide scale applications in energy, aerospace, healthcare, communication, infrastructure, transportation, environmental, and other industries. These ceramic technologies and systems led to significant improvements in living standards and quality of life for people from all over the world.

This 1st Pacific Rim Engineering Ceramics Summit is expected to bring together a wide variety of experts from academia, industries, research institutes/laboratories to discuss the current state of the art and various technical challenges in research, development, engineering, manufacturing, and application of ceramic materials. The goal of this summit is to provide a forum for the information exchange on current status and emerging trends in various ceramic technologies in the Pacific Rim countries. The technical program of the summit will cover wide ranging topics and identify:

  • Current trend and future directions for research and technology
  • Challenges and opportunities for various ceramic technologies
  • Energy and environmental issues and role of ceramics
  • Ceramic education, training, and knowledge management
  • Overview of major ceramics efforts in the region

The technical program of the summit will consist of invited and contributed presentations. We hope that this forum will serve as a global stage for the information exchange on the latest emerging ceramic technologies and facilitate open dialogue and discussion with leading experts.


  • Mryityunjay Singh, Trustee, Engineering Ceramics Division, The American Ceramic Society, USA
  • Hai-Doo Kim, Chair, KECD, Korean Ceramic Society, Korea
  • Tatsuki Ohji, Director and Engineering Ceramics Division Chair-Elect, Ceramic Society of Japan, Japan
  • Yu Zhou, Vice President, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
  • Jow-Lay Huang, President, Taiwan Association for Coating and Thin Film Technology (TACT), Taiwan

Point of Contact:

Mryityunjay Singh, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA, Phone: +1 (216) 433-8883

Tatsuki Ohji, AIST, Japan, Phone: +81 (52) 736 7096

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