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ACerS Customer Service Department

For customer service inquires, contact us at:

The American Ceramic Society
550 Polaris Parkway, Suite 510
Westerville, Ohio 43082


1-866-721-3322 (toll free U.S. only)
1-614-890-4700 (outside U.S.)


CPC Customer Service Department

For customer service inquires regarding CPC, contact us at:

ICAN & ICAN Events

Customer Service Phone: 800-424-8698

Ceramic Arts Shop & CLAYflicks

Customer Service Phone: 866-672-6993

Ceramic Recipes

Customer Service Phone: 844-269-0391

Ceramics Monthly

Customer Service Phone: 800-342-3594

Pottery making illustrated

Customer Service Phone: 800-340-6532


Have a technical question?

The Society's LinkedIn Group is a great way to get answers to your toughest questions. Click here to connect with our active and expert community of ceramic and glass materials professionals.

Looking for products, services, or solutions?

Our online buyer's guide, ceramicSOURCE, puts the top providers of equipment, materials, and services for advanced and traditional ceramics, glass, and composites at your fingertips. Search the industry's most up-to-date resource to immediately connect with manufacturers, consultants, and more.

Are you looking for information on ceramic art or artists?

We can help. To learn more about Ceramic Arts Daily, Potters Council, ceramic arts publications (including Ceramic Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated), or to send a general ceramic-art-related inquiry, click here.

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