Video: Titanium dioxide bans under consideration in several US states

By Lisa McDonald / January 31, 2024

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration remains firm in its guidance that titanium dioxide can be used as a food additive despite the European Commission’s decision to ban its use in 2022. In the past year, however, several U.S. state legislatures have introduced bills that would ban the use of TiO2 in food, as well as several other additives.

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Video: New supply chain strategies aim to secure access to critical resources

By Lisa McDonald / January 24, 2024

In response to global supply chain disruptions, many governments are implementing new programs to ensure continued and secure access to critical resources. Learn about some recent programs that were announced in the past few months.

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Video: Solar solutions shine at CES 2024

By Lisa McDonald / January 17, 2024

During CES 2024, which took place January 9–12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, numerous companies showcased solar technology innovations. Today’s CTT highlights several key announcements made during the show.

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Video: Ceramic knives help sharpen chefs’ skills

By Guest Contributor / January 10, 2024

Knives are one of the earliest tools used by humanity, but the materials used to create these sharp-edged tools have undergone some significant advancements since the early days. Learn about the benefits and limitations that come with using ceramic knives in your kitchen.

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Video: Honeycomb-shaped bladeless generators for urban wind harvesting

By Lisa McDonald / January 3, 2024

The large size of traditional wind turbines can make transportation and installation of these devices difficult in certain locations. Scottish technology startup Katrick Technologies designed a honeycomb-shaped wind generator that can be easily installed in urban settings.

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Video: Inside the world of fine dining—the stoneware of Jono Pandolfi

By Lisa McDonald / December 20, 2023

Food presentation can significantly impact a person’s overall enjoyment of a meal. In recent years, the stoneware dishes by ceramic artist and designer Jono Pandolfi have become in-demand items at Michelin-starred restaurants and other fine dining establishments.

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Video: From pollution to pigments—Appalachian community turns mine waste into marketable product

By Lisa McDonald / December 13, 2023

Cleaning water affected by acid mine drainage is an expensive process, which makes it difficult for rural communities to remediate local waterways. Rural Action, an Appalachian-based nonprofit, has a project called True Pigments that aims to fund the water treatment process by selling pigments made from iron oxide extracted from the mine drainage.

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Video: Glass ornaments sparkle for the holidays

By Guest Contributor / December 6, 2023

Glass ornaments have played a central role in holiday decorations for almost two centuries. Learn about this history and where to find glass ornaments for this year’s winter celebrations.

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Video: Rising costs necessitate recalibration of offshore wind power projects

By Lisa McDonald / November 29, 2023

Investment in offshore wind projects is increasing, but rising manufacturing and supply chain costs are hindering the translation of this investment into tangible products. The success of future projects will depend on governments and wind energy firms recalibrating the cost of the planned energy transition.

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Video: Empty Bowls project—fighting food insecurity through ceramics

By Lisa McDonald / November 22, 2023

Food insecurity remains at an elevated level due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Empty Bowls project provides a unique way to raise money for food banks by engaging the local arts community.

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