Video: Ensuring water access in arid environments—pilot fog catcher system simultaneously collects and cleans water

By Lisa McDonald / September 6, 2023

Fog catching provides people living in dry but foggy areas with a stable water source. But air pollution can make the collected water unsafe for use unless it is treated. Researchers led by ETH Zurich developed a system for simultaneously harvesting and cleaning the water collected from fog nets.

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Video: Movies in glass—the LIFETILES of Rufus Butler Seder

By Lisa McDonald / August 30, 2023

Lenticular printing, or a method to produce printed images that change or move depending on viewing angle, typically uses plastic as the medium. Artist Rufus Butler Seder developed a way to create glass-based lenticular images, and his murals appear in public places around the world.

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Video: SiC chips make inroads in the automotive industry

By Lisa McDonald / August 23, 2023

Silicon carbide-based semiconductor chips are starting to be embraced by automotive manufacturers looking to overcome the limitations of traditional silicon. To prepare for an expected surge in demand for SiC electronics, several semiconductor manufacturers have announced plans to construct new or expand existing fabrication facilities.

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Video: Collecting data in granular environments—turtle-inspired robot can swim untethered under the sand

By Lisa McDonald / August 16, 2023

Robots cannot move easily in granular environments, such as sand. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, designed a robot inspired by sea turtle hatchlings that can swim untethered through sand. This robot could improve the ability of researchers to collect data in granular environments.

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Video: Augmented reality device offers real-time subtitles during everyday conversations

By Lisa McDonald / August 9, 2023

The expansion of real-time translation apps is bringing the benefits of subtitles to real-life conversations. In February 2023, the integration of these apps into everyday dialogue took a step forward with the beta release of a new product called TranscribeGlass, which attaches to your glasses and projects real-time captions in front of your eyes.

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Video: From neutrinos to asteroids, SCINEMA 2023 covers science from the smallest to largest of scales

By Lisa McDonald / August 2, 2023

SCINEMA is an international science film festival based in Australia. During the month of August, anyone around the world can register and watch the films for free through the festival’s website. This year’s entries cover an expansive range of topics, from cutting-edge cancer treatments to asteroid deflection plans.

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Video: Computer vision method demonstrates potential of rapid and automated quality control for cements

By Lisa McDonald / July 26, 2023

Testing the durability of building materials is typically a slow, tedious, and labor-intensive process. Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign used computer vision to develop a fast and affordable method for testing cement durability, demonstrating the potential to improve quality control in the cement industry through automated methods.

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Video: Year-long simulated Mars mission taking place in 3D-printed concrete habitat

By Lisa McDonald / July 19, 2023

Materials are not the only challenge to carrying out a successful space mission—the toll on a crew’s cognitive and physical performance must also be anticipated. In June 2023, NASA announced the start of its first year-long simulated Mars surface mission, which will take place within a 3D-printed concrete habitat.

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Video: Proposed ban threatens budding agrivoltaic industry in the Netherlands

By Lisa McDonald / July 12, 2023

Despite the recorded benefits of co-locating solar panels and crops, the erroneous belief that photovoltaics and agriculture are an either/or situation remains a common perspective in governing bodies around the world. In the past month, two media announcements out of the Netherlands reveal how a proposed ban on solar deployments on agricultural land could severely hamper the country’s budding agrivoltaic industry.

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Video: Cadmium telluride solar technology gains momentum

By Lisa McDonald / July 5, 2023

Cadmium telluride solar cells are the second most common photovoltaic technology globally after crystalline silicon. Today’s CTT looks at recent funding initiatives and commercial expansions to accelerate the impact of this maturing technology.

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