Elevating your company and career through open-access publishing

By Jonathon Foreman / March 12, 2021

Developing better products is the most important job function for industrial researchers—but helping the company to communicate those benefits to customers is essential as well. Learn why publishing in open-access, peer-reviewed publications offers a high return on investment for industrial researchers.

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Video: N*Gen—teaching science through an African lens

By Lisa McDonald / February 24, 2021

Increasing diverse representation of scientists in the media is one way to encourage students from underrepresented groups to pursue careers in science. A new children science show called N*Gen, produced in Uganda, helps achieve that goal by teaching science through an African perspective.

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Glass discovery and design: 21 challenges in artificial intelligence and machine learning for glass science

By Lisa McDonald / February 23, 2021

Artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to materials design can accelerate the discovery of new glasses in an economical fashion. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and the University of California, Los Angeles, identified 21 challenges that, when addressed, can aid in harnessing the full potential of these methods for glass science.

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Video: The evolution of touchscreen displays in cars

By Lisa McDonald / January 13, 2021

Touchscreen displays are an increasingly standard feature in new car models and, like smartphone screens, they grow larger each year—Mercedes-Benz plans to feature a 56-inch touchscreen display in an upcoming luxury electric sedan. But do touchscreens really help drivers—or lead to distracted driving?

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Filling in the gaps: A review of self-crack-healing in ceramics

By Lisa McDonald / January 5, 2021

As ceramics find more uses in the automotive and aerospace industries, interest in creating ceramics that can self-heal cracks continues to grow. A review paper published in ACerS’ premier open-access journal looks at some of the experimental and numerical studies on this topic.

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Video: Gitanjali Rao, TIME’s first-ever Kid of the Year

By Lisa McDonald / December 9, 2020

From gun control advocacy to climate change activism, young people are increasingly speaking up and making their voices heard on an international stage. In recognition of the tremendous influence that young people carry today, Time announced its first-ever Kid of the Year, 15-year-old materials scientist and inventor Gitanjali Rao.

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Why do editors refer my manuscripts to other ACerS journals?

By Jonathon Foreman / November 4, 2020

Have you submitted your research to an ACerS journal, only to have the editor refer it to one of the sister publications? Do not fear—the referral to transfer is actually a partial approval of an author’s work. Learn more about why referrals happen and how they benefit authors.

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Video: Golem, the clay creature of Jewish lore

By Lisa McDonald / October 28, 2020

When we think about ceramics in history, we typically think of ancient pottery and art. But clay also is the material used to create an animated anthropomorphic being in Jewish lore called a golem. In the spirit of Halloween, today’s CTT takes a look at the history of this creature and depictions of it in contemporary media.

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Pursuing the future of energy: A review on perovskite tandem solar cell development and fundamentals

By Lisa McDonald / October 23, 2020

Perovskite tandem solar cell technologies improved rapidly in the past six years, but there are still challenges keeping them from commercialization. A recent review article by two researchers at the University of Surrey in the U.K. provides an expansive look at this budding industry.

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Video: Celebrating Nuclear Science Week

By Lisa McDonald / October 21, 2020

This week is Nuclear Science Week! Celebrate the contributions that nuclear science makes to energy, space, and healthcare fields through videos and virtual events coordinated by the Nuclear Science Week national steering committee.

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