Video of the week: Piezo precision motion devices

By / March 4, 2009

This week’s video is a demonstration-“tutorial” about one type of application of piezoelectric technology: a piezo-driven motion system developed by NanoMotion, a Israel-based division of Johnson Electric. This video is…

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Need research funding? Apply to NIST!

By / March 4, 2009

Does your research project need funding? Money may be available through the 2009 Technology Innovation Program, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. NIST invites you to submit…

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Yale ‘shapes’ up nanomanufacturing with bulk metallic glass

By / March 3, 2009

  Yale engineers are “shaping” the future of nanodevice manufacturing by developing nanoscale molds made from amorphous metals – a.k.a. bulk metallic glasses. Opening the door to mass nanofabrication processes,…

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DOE’s Chu to unveil plans to modernize electricity grid Wednesday (update II)

By / February 19, 2009

Pay attention to this: Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 18, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu will deliver the opening keynote address at the 2009 DOE-NARUC National Electricity Forum. In the address, Secretary…

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Video of the week: Freescale delivers big power from small solar cells

By / February 18, 2009

Via CNET’s Green Tech blog, we bring you a video about some nifty power conversion technology for photovoltaic applications that Freescale Semiconductor unveiled this week at the Applied Power Electronics…

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Video(s) of the week: ACerS award lectures

By / February 13, 2009

The American Ceramic Society has now posted videos of four lectures presented last October as part of the Society’s annual meeting. Each of the lectures is approximately one-hour in length…

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New ‘domains’ for nano electronics

By / February 9, 2009

Researchers say that logic and memory functions of future electronic devices could shrink an order of magnitude (one or two nanometers, instead of tens of nanometers) if they can control…

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Video of the week – Two approaches to cloaking

By / January 21, 2009

Several research teams are actively pursuing cloaking/invisibility concepts. One of the prominent groups is at Duke University and the other is at University of California, Berkeley. The Berkeley team uses…

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Ceramics as alternative to conventional laser generation

By / January 15, 2009

Kudos to Akio Ikesue and Yan Lin Aung for their recent article in Nature Photonics. Ikesue (bias confession: he is an ACerS member) and Yan report on recent developments in…

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Creating alternating current with piezoelectrics

By / January 8, 2009

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a micro-scale “flexible charge pump” that produces alternating current by utilizing the piezoelectric properties of cyclically stretched and released zinc oxide…

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