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ACerS Awards


Nomination Deadline: January 15, 2019


The purpose of this award is to recognize a distinguished doctoral dissertation in the ceramics and glass discipline. The awardee must have been a member of the Global Graduate Researcher Network (GGRN) and have completed a doctoral dissertation as well as all other graduation requirements set by their institution for a doctoral degree within 12 months prior to the application deadline. Read more



Nominations for Society awards that will be presented at the annual awards banquet in October 2019 are now open. Additional information on each award, plus many Division and Class awards, is available below. Nomination deadline for all awards is January 15, 2019 unless otherwise noted. (Note that the 2019 Fellows deadline is August 30, 2018). 



The deadline for the 2019 Class of Fellows is August 30, 2018.



Distinguished Life Membership

The Constitution of the Society states: “Distinguished Life Members shall be current members of the Society of professional eminence who, because of their achievements in the ceramic arts or sciences, or their service to the Society, are elected to such membership by the Board of Directors.” You must be an ACerS member to nominate someone. Two sponsors are required.

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Distinguished Life Membership Winners 2018

Society Fellows

Fellows shall be persons of good reputation who have reached their 35th birthday and who shall have been members of the Society at least five years continuously at the established nomination deadline date when nominated.

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Society Fellows Winners 2018

Robert L. Coble Award for Young Scholars

The award recognizes an outstanding scientist who is conducting research in academia, in industry or at a government-funded laboratory. Candidates must be ACerS members and must be 35 years of age or younger. Selection of the awardee will be based on the nominations and accompanying evidence of scientific contributions (e.g., list of publications, selected abstracts, receipt of other awards or recognition)

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Robert L. Coble Award for Young Scholars Winners 2018

Corporate Environmental Achievement Award

The Corporate Environmental Achievement Award (CEAA) was established to recognize and honor a single outstanding environmental achievement made by an ACerS corporate member in the field of ceramics. These achievements represent either a significant improvement of an existing process and/or product, or the development and implementation of a new process and/or product. In both cases the process and/or product should demonstrate improvements in one or more of the following areas: reduction in undesirable effluent streams, expanded recycling of materials, and/or measurable environmental benefits over previously established processes.

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Corporate Environmental Achievement Award Winners 2018

Corporate Technical Achievement Award

This award recognizes a single outstanding technical achievement made by an ACerS corporate member in the field of ceramics. The achievement must show significant technical merit and represent a gain to society through commercialization of the technology within the preceding eight years. Through this award, the Society recognizes corporate members who have taken a technology and successfully developed it into a viable commercial product. It is not necessary for the technical and commercial development to be accomplished by one company, and joint nominations can be submitted. Up to two awards may be made each year.

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Corporate Technical Achievement Award Winners 2018

Medal for Leadership in the Advancement of Ceramic Technology

The Medal for Leadership in the Advancement of Ceramic Technology recognizes individuals, who through leadership and vision in an executive role, have made substantial contributions to the success of their organization and in turn have significantly expanded the frontiers of the ceramics industry. Two medals will be presented each year, one from the Americas, the other from outside the Americas.

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Medal for Leadership in the Advancement of Ceramic Technology Winners 2018

Du-Co Ceramics Young Professional Award

This $1,500 award, established by the late Reldon Cooper, co-founder of Du-Co Ceramics, is awarded to a young professional member of ACerS who demonstrates exceptional leadership and service to ACerS.

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Du-Co Ceramics Young Professional Award Winners 2018

Richard M. Fulrath Awards

The Fulrath Awards promote technical and personal friendships between professional Japanese and American ceramic engineers and scientists and encourage a greater understanding among the diverse cultures surrounding the Pacific Rim. The awards recognize individuals for their excellence in research and development of ceramic sciences and materials.

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Richard M. Fulrath Awards Winners 2018

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is given to individuals who have been non-members of the Society for at least the previous 5 years prior to consideration for Honorary Membership and who because of their achievements in the ceramics arts and sciences are elected to such membership by the Board of Directors.

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Honorary Membership Winners 2018

John Jeppson Award

The Jeppson Award recognizes distinguished scientific, technical, or engineering achievements in ceramics.

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John Jeppson Award Winners 2018

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