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Volunteer Resources

Nomination Form – President-elect Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ACerS. These tools have been designed to educate prospective volunteers, answer frequently asked questions and describe available opportunities. We encourage you to get involved!



Here are some suggestions for ways to get involved and a link to more information on what each involves. Once you’ve decided how you’d like to volunteer, complete the Volunteer Interest Form to let us know. Please note that, for the most part, volunteering does require that you be a member of ACerS.




Complete the Volunteer Interest Form to get started as an ACerS Volunteer.  Membership in ACerS is required for most volunteer opportunities.





Read volunteer testimonials from some of ACerS most dedicated volunteers:

John Ballato, Geoff Brennecka, John Hellmann, James Hemrick, Connie Herman,

James Marra, Tatsuki Ohji, Bob Schwartz, and Susan Sinnott.


As John Hellmann says: “Volunteering and serving, it’s my way of giving back. And the more I do, the more my own life and career is enhanced with new friendships, knowledge, capabilities, and ideas. Sure, it’s frequently hard work, and takes time. But it comes with lots of enjoyment and satisfaction in making a difference. And, the friends and relationships you gain will last a lifetime.”


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