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Meet Our Partners

Partners enrich the ACerS community through enhanced technical programming, increased networking & career opportunities, and broadened international ceramic materials presence.

The Association of American Ceramic Component ManufacturersThe Association of American Ceramic Component Manufacturers

AACCM’s member companies manufacture ceramic components from ceramic powders at U.S. operating facilities. AACCM’s purpose is to expand the market for U.S.-manufactured components by enhancing processes and quality, and to increase the awareness of ceramic applications.

Glass Manufacturing Industry Council

GMIC is a trade association that facilitates, organizes and promotes the interests and economic growth, and sustainability of the glass industry through education & cooperation in technology, productivity, innovation and the environment.

ICF logoInternational Ceramic Federation

The ICF was established in 1990 as a nongovernmental, nonprofit federation of societies representing ceramists, ceramic engineers and ceramic scientists of the member countries. The purpose of the ICF is to promote and stimulate understanding and cooperation among persons and societies from different countries. The American Ceramic Society serves as the secretariat for the ICF.

<br />International Commission on Glass

ICG is a non-profit international glass society consisting of 31 national organizations in glass science and technology, whose aim is to promote cooperation between glass experts.

Materials Science & Technology

This conference addresses structure, properties, processing and performance across the materials community. It is organized by ACerS, ASM, AIST, and TMS.

The Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories

UNITECR is a biennial international conference that contributes to the progress and exchange of industrial knowledge and technologies concerning refractories. The American Ceramic Society serves as the secretariat for UNITECR. Click here to view the UNITECR bylaws.

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