Esther Levy, Author at The American Ceramic Society

Esther Levy

Convert rather than intercalate lithium for battery applications

By Esther Levy / March 1, 2011

Credit: MaterialsViews Almost two decades have passed since the emergence of lithium-ion batteries on the market. Despite steady improvements in performance, current technology is struggling to meet the demand for ever better energy density, power, safety, and environmental impact. A core problem lies in the intercalation materials used as electrodes in state-of-the-art lithium batteries. These…

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Active oxidation catalyst for Li–air batteries

By Esther Levy / August 24, 2010

Lithium batteries that utilize oxygen as the cathode material are very promising owing to their extremely high theoretical capacity of almost 12,000 Wh kg-1. In these lithium-air batteries, oxygen is adsorbed directly from the atmosphere when required rather than being stored in the battery itself. In practice, a combination of carbon powder, oxygen, oxygen reduction…

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