The Global Young Investigator (GYI) award recognizes the outstanding young ceramic engineer and scientist whose achievements have been significant to the profession and to the general welfare of the community around the globe. Nominations are open to candidates from industry, academia, or government-funded laboratory – across the world.

The award winner will present a keynote lecture at the Global Young Investigator Forum of the ICACC meeting. The award consists of US $1,000 honorarium and a certificate of achievement, as well as complimentary registration.

The main criteria used in selecting the recipient of this award will be:
(1) the individual’s contribution to the field of Ceramic Science and Engineering, including expansion of the knowledge base and their commercial use and

(2) the individual’s contributions to the promotion of conferences and technical events, global young professional forum, and other professional events, which resulted in visibility of the field and international advocacy.

A nominee must be 35 years old or younger at the time of award presentation (January of the award year), and is required to be a member of The American Ceramic Society. Nominations can be made by any individual or group. Self nominations are permitted, but are not recommended/preferred. Nominations made by a sponsor who is a member of The American Ceramic Society are strongly preferred.

The deadline for nominations is July 1 in the year preceding the next International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites.

Send your nominations by email including a written statement of the nominee’s qualifications and contributions, to:

Amjad Almansour



Deadline for Nominations:

July 1st annually