The purpose of the award is to recognize truly outstanding work and creativity in teaching and mentoring, in directing student research, or in the general educational process (lectures, publications on education, workshops, textbooks, short courses, videos, interest lectures, etc.) among ceramic/glass educators.

The Nominating Process

Any interested individual or group may nominate a person. A three-page curriculum vitae description of teaching efforts and consequences of this work will be used for the judging.

The suggested three-page description might include descriptions professional preparation (educational background and training), professional appointments, descriptions of typical ceramic courses taught, descriptions of courses or labs developed, or videos created by the individual, data on number of these supervised, a publication list highlighting books, reviews, or tutorial articles, descriptions of educational programs developed, and educational service within the broader ceramics community. A nomination will be active, and therefore, considered five (5) years. Nominations must be received nine months before the next Annual Meeting to be considered and are sent to Society Headquarters.

The EPDC Awards Committee and the two immediate past recipients of the award will select the next awardee.

Erica Zimmerman
The American Ceramic Society
550 Polaris Parkway, Suite 510
Westerville, OH 43082
Phone: 614-794-5821

Deadline for Nominations:

January 15th annually