Waste glass as packaging material for high-power automotive lighting applications

By Lisa McDonald / December 5, 2023

Collecting waste glass is only the first step in creating a circular glass recycling system—there must also be end-use markets for the collected glass. A recent open-access study showed that waste glass could be used as packaging material for high-power automotive lighting applications, such as headlamps and side turn lamps.

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Video: SiC chips make inroads in the automotive industry

By Lisa McDonald / August 23, 2023

Silicon carbide-based semiconductor chips are starting to be embraced by automotive manufacturers looking to overcome the limitations of traditional silicon. To prepare for an expected surge in demand for SiC electronics, several semiconductor manufacturers have announced plans to construct new or expand existing fabrication facilities.

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Gaining a second wind—recycled automotive glass hits the road again in new windshields

By Guest Contributor / August 4, 2023

Car windows that are damaged beyond repair have to date been reused for less demanding purposes, such as bottles or insulation. A pilot project led by the Audi Group showed defective car glass can be recycled successfully back into new windshields, and the company plans to shift this glass into standard production starting September 2023.

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Video: At home or on the go, EV charging innovations at CES 2023 have you covered

By Lisa McDonald / January 18, 2023

During CES 2023, which took place January 5–8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, numerous companies showcased their electric vehicle charging innovations. Today’s CTT highlights several key announcements made during the show.

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Video: Hydrogen taxi takes to the streets in Brussels

By Lisa McDonald / September 21, 2022

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are another option besides electric vehicles to decarbonize the transportation industry. Brussels-based taxi company Taxis Verts just launched a one-year pilot project exploring the potential of using hydrogen fuel cell cars in its fleet.

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Hybrid magnetron sputtered ceramic coatings show promise in next-gen combustion engines

By Lisa McDonald / April 5, 2022

With the rising use of fuels with reduced sulfur content, novel coatings are needed to protect engine components from increased wear. Researchers from Brazil and Chile investigated the potential of a hybrid deposition technique to deposit nanostructured ceramic multilayers on piston rings.

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Video: An easier way to recover rare-earth elements from electric vehicle motor magnets

By Lisa McDonald / September 15, 2021

Batteries are not the only part of electric vehicles that contain critical materials—many electric vehicle motors use rare-earth magnets as well. Nissan and Waseda University developed a five-step pyrometallurgy process to recover rare-earth compounds from electric vehicle motor magnets.

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Toward commercialization of solid-state batteries: Ion Storage Systems awarded $487,310 contract from USABC

By Greg Geiger / August 27, 2021

Solid-state batteries are a promising technology for powering the next generation of electric vehicles. Maryland-based energy startup Ion Storage Systems is helping to advance solid-state battery technology toward commercialization.

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Novel processing technique enhances toughness of high boron steel

By Lisa McDonald / May 7, 2021

Boron can enhance mechanical properties of steel, but too much boron will segregate from the steel and negate these benefits. Researchers led by Wuhan University of Science and Technology looked to enhance the toughness of high boron steel using a novel processing technique called quenching and partitioning.

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Video: Startups move solid-state batteries toward commercialization

By Lisa McDonald / April 21, 2021

Solid-state batteries show great promise to outperform conventional lithium-ion batteries in terms of energy density, weight, cost, and recharge times. In recent months, several startup companies announced noteworthy progress in developing solid-state batteries for next-generation electric vehicles. Today’s CTT highlights the work being done by QuantumScape, a California-based battery research company.

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