Basic science

“Fathers of graphene” awarded Nobel Prize

By / October 5, 2010

Researchers use electron-beam lithography to microfabricate graphene devices. (Credit: University of Manchester, UK) Two University of Manchester researchers have been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics for their work on graphene. The new physics laureates were announced today at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. Andrei Geim and Konstantin Novoselov extracted graphene…

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Counter crystal seeding phenomenon reported

By / April 21, 2010

The “seed effect” of nucleation in liquids is well known: When liquids come in contact with solids, the crystalline surface can induce layering of the adjacent atoms in the liquid and may prevent or lower supercooling. Generally, its believed that the last atomic layers of the liquid adopt the crystal structure they come in contact…

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Video of the week: The role of R&D in renewable energy

By / December 30, 2009

Dan Arvizu, Director of the National Renewable Energy Lab, discusses the role of research and development in the age of renewable energy. Run time 1 hour.

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EU calls for €50 billion renewable energy investments

By / October 17, 2009

(via Rare Metals) The European Commission announced it is trying to assemble a joint effort by governments, nonprofits and businesses to develop the technologies to address climate change and a secure EU energy supply by 2020, while at the same time protecting the competitiveness of its nations’ economies. The Commission says this will require new…

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