Video: Rapid expansion of exploratory licenses in Tasmania worries landowners

By Lisa McDonald / September 13, 2023

The mining and minerals processing industries are economically significant sectors for the Australian island state of Tasmania. But as companies apply for more and more exploratory licenses to identify new minerals deposits, landowners in the state are concerned about the environmental impacts.

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Video: Proposed ban threatens budding agrivoltaic industry in the Netherlands

By Lisa McDonald / July 12, 2023

Despite the recorded benefits of co-locating solar panels and crops, the erroneous belief that photovoltaics and agriculture are an either/or situation remains a common perspective in governing bodies around the world. In the past month, two media announcements out of the Netherlands reveal how a proposed ban on solar deployments on agricultural land could severely hamper the country’s budding agrivoltaic industry.

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Video: Scotland’s proposed container recycling scheme faces delays and controversy

By Lisa McDonald / June 14, 2023

Over the past few years, the Scotland government has worked to develop a deposit return scheme to increase recycling rates for drink containers in the country. However, implementation of the scheme has been delayed due to pushback from retailers and drinks companies. A recent decision by the U.K. government excluding glass from the scheme has now pushed back the launch date to October 2025.

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Video: Upcoming deadline risks deep-sea mining taking place without regulations

By Lisa McDonald / May 31, 2023

The International Seabed Authority is running up against a July 9 deadline to finish developing a code for deep-sea mining. The possibility of mineral exploitation taking place without regulations has marine scientists concerned because so much is still unknown about the environmental effects of this practice.

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Video: UK announces new plan, new partnership for semiconductor industry

By Lisa McDonald / May 24, 2023

After a series of delays, the United Kingdom finally announced its strategy, as well as a new Japanese partnership, for supporting the semiconductor industry. Details of these plans—as well as industry response so far—are given in today’s CTT.

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Video: Australia announces National Electric Vehicle Strategy

By Lisa McDonald / May 3, 2023

Traditionally, Australia has lagged far behind other developed countries in electric vehicle adoption. The government has now released a National Electric Vehicle Strategy to speed up adoption and support the transition to clean transportation.

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Video: A new wave in the battle for data—China and the US clash over submarine cable control

By Lisa McDonald / April 5, 2023

The global submarine cable system carries about 95% of all global transnational communication data. In recent years, concerns that this network may be used to conduct espionage is driving a clash between China and the United States over which companies will secure contracts to lay strategic cable networks.

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Updates on open access for ACerS journals

By Jonathon Foreman / March 1, 2023

The future of research communications is poised to become much more open than the current system. Learn what Wiley, ACerS’ publishing partner, is doing to prepare for the open-science movement, as well as open-access publishing options through ACerS journals.

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Video: Swedish rare earth discovery calls attention to mining’s effects on Sámi reindeer herders

By Lisa McDonald / February 22, 2023

In January 2023, Swedish state-owned mining company LKAB announced that it had identified more than 1 million tonnes of rare earth oxides near the town of Kiruna in northern Sweden. Though mining this deposit may reduce reliance on China for rare earths, the impacts of a new mine on Kiruna residents and the indigenous Sámi people cannot be overlooked.

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Video: NSF Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships—a look at its priorities and programs

By Lisa McDonald / December 7, 2022

The National Science Foundation officially established the Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships in March 2022, but the mission and scope of the directorate remained unclear until the Chips and Science Act of 2022 was signed into law this August. Learn about the priorities and programs of NSF’s newest directorate.

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