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Need a job? ARPA-E still trying to add staff

The DOE tells me ARPA-E still has “help wanted” signs out in several areas of the organization dedicated to high-risk, high-reward energy R&D.

Program Directors: For three- year stints, ARPA-E is looking for people visionary ideas on promising areas for new energy technologies. Program Directors are responsible for program creation, design, implementation, and management.

Especially relevant backgrounds include:

  • Electrochemical energy storage and conversion
  • Photovoltaic energy conversion
  • Advanced engines/vehicle technologies
  • Chemical catalysis/reaction engineering for biofuels, industrial processes, and other energy applications
  • Biological approaches to energy conversion/biofuels
  • Low temperature waste heat recapture/thermodynamic and/or solid state cycles
  • Fossil energy conversion/carbon capture and conversion
  • Wind power/ocean and wave power/aerodynamics and fluid dynamics
  • Grid scale energy storage
  • Energy harvesting materials and devices
  • Building efficiency technologies/HVAC/building envelope/smart buildings
  • Advanced lighting technologies
  • Advanced materials for energy applications

Commercialization Advisors: For two- to four-year assignments, ARPA-E is seeking Commercialization Advisors who have both technical and business skills for technology transfers to the market. They will be ARPA-E’s primary providers of commercialization assistance to the research teams that ARPA-E funds. Each advisor will focus on one or two ARPA-E technology program areas (supporting approximately 10-20 ARPA-E-funded research teams) and will also contribute to overall commercialization program development.


  • U.S. citizenship.
  • 5+ years of work experience, including a combination of technology/research and business experience; startup/entrepreneurial experience is a plus.
  • MBA degree is preferred.
  • Strong technical backgrounds are preferred, including engineering, technology development or scientific research.
  • Superior analytical skills with experience in areas such as market research and financial analysis.
  • Strong written and oral communication abilities.
  • Demonstrated interest in energy and energy technologies.

Fellows: ARPA-E Fellows lead agency initiatives and gain exposure to energy policy and all aspects of the energy technology development life-cycle, including scientific research, technology prototyping and development and technology commercialization. The initial term of hire will not exceed two years. Prospective fellows should aspire to be leaders in the energy field after their tenure at ARPA-E. Once selected, fellows are full-time federal employees and paid a competitive salary.

Qualifications/work experience:

  • Doctorate degree in an energy-relevant field of science or engineering.
  • Strong technical background and deep expertise in at least one energy-technology-related field.
  • Passion for energy technology research and development.
  • Interest in working in a multidisciplinary, fast-paced environment focused on energy technology research and development.
  • Strong analytical and research skills, and a demonstrated capacity for creative thinking.
  • A distinguished record of scholarship and publication.
  • Fellows are recent doctoral graduates with less than three years of work experience. In rare cases, candidates may be accepted who are still working toward their doctorate.
  • Senior Fellows have three or more years of distinctive work experience in an energy-innovation-related field. Experience and knowledge in technology commercialization is desirable, but not required.