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Strong-glass innovation at Alfred University

By / May 3, 2009

Alfred University reports that one of their veteran researchers has come up with a new and practical process for strengthening glass and ceramics. The school claims the technology can allow a glass bottle to bounce even when dropped from 10 feet to a concrete floor. The process is the discovery of William LaCourse, a professor…

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Sporian snags AF contract for high-temp sensor

By / May 1, 2009

The Air Force has awarded MEMS sensor maker Sporian Microsystems a contract to conduct research using the firm’s “polymer derived ceramic as a non-planar, conformal, thin film, high temperature sensor.” The AF wants a sensor system that can monitor the temperature and strain in aircraft turbines. Temperatures in these critical materials often are well in…

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$93 million to wind energy; $100 million to NREL facilities

By / April 29, 2009

The Obama administration continues to put money where its mouth is regarding energy innovation. And, they are doing it in a way that should prick up the ears of ceramic, glass and other advanced materials researchers and industry leaders. DOE Secretary Chu today went to Golden to announce the allocation of nearly $200 million in…

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Chu to make another funding announcement Wednesday

By / April 28, 2009

With all due respect to Flo Rida, Steven Chu and the DOE are second to none when it comes to making it snow (the green stuff) this year, and he is doing it where they know a lot about snow: Golden Colorado and the National Renewable Energy Lab. Expect something big, not only because the…

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