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It’s elemental: Science and stories of gallium and the Periodic Table

By April Gocha / February 2, 2018

Gallium is an interesting and incredibly useful element with a storied history—watch this short video from ACS Reactions to learn more about this interesting element, and some of the history of the Periodic Table itself.

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Halloween science: Ceramics help create the gore of early Hollywood horror flicks

By April Gocha / October 31, 2017

There’s some interesting science behind Hollywood’s many renditions of fake blood. And ceramics even helped some of the earliest horror film directors achieve the perfect consistency to fake out—and freak out—moviegoers.

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In the name of liberty, America’s favorite lady dons some serious materials science

By April Gocha / July 4, 2017

One of America’s most iconic representations of its freedom towers some 305 feet above Liberty Island in New York City, N.Y.—the Statue of Liberty. Watch this video to learn more about the unique chemistry of her materials.

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Video: Series travels to the dark side to explore science of Star Wars

By April Gocha / December 17, 2015

Is the Death Star laser feasible? Are plasma lightsabers even remotely possible? Can we build a real-world force field? The American Chemical Society’s Reactions series mulls over the science behind the answers in this new video.

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When accidents become eurekas—Stumbling into discovery

By April Gocha / November 14, 2014

Sometimes—perhaps more often than you’d think—the most successful discoveries are stumbled upon by accident. What is your best scientific oops story?

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Video: The explosive science behind fireworks will blow you away

By April Gocha / July 4, 2014

Just in time for America’s Independence Day celebration, the American Chemical Society’s Reaction video series turns to pyrotechnic expert John A. Conkling to explain the science behind fireworks.

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