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Electric vehicles are using the sun to speed across Australia in the World Solar Challenge

By April Gocha / October 10, 2017

Forty-two solar-powered vehicles are currently competing with one another in the World Solar Challenge, a long-distance solar vehicle race across the Australian continent.

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Jülich ceramic fuel cell sets world record with 70,000 hours of continuous service

By April Gocha / December 9, 2015

Researchers at Forschungszentrum Jülich research center in Germany have set a world record for the longest continually-running solid oxide fuel cell, a major achievement for fuel cells everywhere.

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Dislocations create traffic jams—not express lanes—for ionic transport in metal oxides

By April Gocha / April 3, 2015

New research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology adds another to the list of things that aren’t as they seem—the effect of dislocations on ionic transport within metal oxides.

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Good day on Wall Street for A123 shareholders

By / September 24, 2009

The gamblers were running amok today. Reuters: Shares of A123 Systems, a maker of lithium-ion car batteries, had the second-best debut of any 2009 U.S. initial public offering, rising 50.3 percent in their first trading session, far outpacing the four other stocks that came to market on a particularly busy day for IPOs. [. .…

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