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New Critical Materials Hub to take broad approach to rare earths, other strategic materials

By / January 17, 2013

The launch of the DOE’s $120 million Critical Materials Institute (nee “Hub”), the fifth energy innovation-oriented “integrated research center” initiated by the Obama administration, strikes me as mainly a balanced approach to the complex issue of securing for the United States adequate supplies of unique raw materials that are crucial to clean energy applications, electronics…

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NIST issues report on MGI workshop addressing data and standards

By Eileen De Guire / December 7, 2012

NIST released its report from May’s MGI workshop, “Building the Materials Innovation Infrastructure: Data and Standards.” Credit: OSTP. The stated goal of the Materials Genome Initiative (pdf) is “to double the speed at which we discover, develop and manufacture new materials.” The goals are clear, but how to tackle them is challenging. MGI will draw on…

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Administration: NSF, DOE grants boost MGI efforts, new $120M hub to advance energy storage research

By / November 30, 2012

Credit: OSTP. With the election behind it, the Obama administration appears to be quickly returning to a major emphasis on energy and “materials genome” related research. First, according to a new story coauthored by Cyrus Wadia, the Office of Science and Technology Policy’s point person for the Materials Genome Initiative, $25 million worth of grants…

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Brown University posts videos from Materials Genome Town Meeting

By Eileen De Guire / May 10, 2012

The theme of the second session of the Brown University town meeting on the Materials Genome Initiative was “Materials for energy storage.” The speaker from industry was A123’s principal scientist, Antoni Gozdz, and MIT’s Gerbrand Ceder presented an academic perspective. Ceder was the first to coin the term “materials genome.” Yue Qi, research scientist from…

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / April 17, 2012

Check ’em out: Thermodynamic glass transition in a spin glass without time-reversal symmetry (PNAS) Spin glasses are a longstanding model for the sluggish dynamics that appear at the glass transition. However, spin glasses differ from structural glasses in a crucial feature: they enjoy a time reversal symmetry. This symmetry can be broken by applying an…

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‘Transformation thermodynamics’ shows potential of thermal invisibility cloaking

By Eileen De Guire / March 28, 2012

The object in the center of the thermal cloak (letters OSA) stays cold, while the heat diffuses elsewhere. The source of the heat is on the left-hand side and held constant at 100°C, and the material inside the invisibility region remains cold. Credit: Sebastien Guenneau; Institut Fresnel, CNRS/AMU. Managing heat is no small issue, but so…

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Cyrus Wadia outlines the Materials Genome Initiative

By Eileen De Guire / February 21, 2012

The Materials Genome Initiative is a multi-stakeholder effort to develop an infrastructure that will accelerate materials discovery and deployment.

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Towards MGI, DOE allocates $12M for software groups, ‘glue’ funding

By / February 11, 2012

Credit: DOE Basic Energy Sciences. Friday afternoon, Cyrus Wadia posted a notice on the blog of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy that the DOE is planning on making available $12 million each year for funding several efforts related to the administration’s Materials Genome Initiative. Wadia points to a new “Expression of…

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Video of the week: Cyrus Wadia outlines Materials Genome Initiative

By / January 17, 2012

[flash mode=1 f={image=}] The Materials Genome Initiative is a multi-stakeholder effort to develop an infrastructure that will accelerate materials discovery and deployment. President Barack Obama unveiled the MGI in July 2011 as a critical enabling element of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership program. The goal of the MGI is to support the creation of new…

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Federal budget 2012—Congress starts committing to R&D funding

By Eileen De Guire / December 19, 2011

Congress has finalized the first three of twelve parts of the FY’12 federal budget. So far, things look relatively promising for STEM R&D. Credit: Congressional Budget Office. In November Congress approved three parts of President Obama’s $3.5 trillion budget request for FY 2012, which began Oct. 1, 2011. Why only three? To make the budget…

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