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Di Gao

Pitt’s Gao demonstrates new oil–water filtration system for possible Deepwater Gulf spill usage

By / June 9, 2010

Back in November, I wrote about the work of Di Gao, an assistant professor in the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering, regarding mimicking the action of lotus leaves to create self-cleaning coatings that could be applied to anything from windows to warehouses. One of Gao’s applications is a superhydrophobic silica nanoparticle–polymer coating that…

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Lotus leaves modeled for anti-icing coating

By / November 2, 2009

A group of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, University of California Riverside and the Ross Technology Corporation joined a growing list of researchers studying the superhydrophobic property of lotus leaves and now say the insights they gained showed them a way to develop a particle–polymer coating that prevents ice formation in both lab and…

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