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A workout for your glass—Nanoparticle coating makes glass stronger, boosts impact resistance

By April Gocha / May 11, 2018

A company called MetaShield has developed a simple, spray-on, nanoparticle-based coating—and now independent laboratory testing verifies that the coating significantly enhances the impact resistance of glass.

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Woman sees true color of flowers for first time

Glass research helps colorblind people see true colors for the first time

By Faye Oney / April 18, 2017

Colorblind people are now able to see true colors—thanks to the efforts of glass research scientists at EnChroma, a company that makes glasses for individuals with color vision deficiency.

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Anything but ordinary: Latest glass innovations report strength surpassing steel, integrated but unobtrusive displays

By April Gocha / November 20, 2015

In addition to the material’s everyday obscurity, glass often isn’t what people think—it’s not the thick and breakable material that most people conjure up when they hear “glass.” Instead, glass is smart. It’s high-tech. And it keeps getting stronger and thinner.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / February 18, 2011

So many materials stories, so little time: Cornell study: Graphene grains make atomic patchwork quilts Dynamically tunable hemispherical electronic eye camera system with adjustable zoom capability Eyeglasses that use liquid crystals to avoid the problems of bifocals Sharp announces high-efficiency LED device for lighting purposes Swiss and Colombian researchers develop electromagnetic wave tool to remotely detonate…

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