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ECerS 2017 conference changes date, location

By Stephanie Liverani / September 30, 2016

Due to recent events that happened in Turkey, the 15th Conference & Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS 2017) will be held July 9–13 in Budapest, Hungary, instead of Istanbul.

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Novacem’s ‘carbon negative cement’

By / March 9, 2011

  Blocks made with Novacem cement. Credit: Novacem A “green” material that has received growing press attention (at least online) in recent months is a product from Novacem that the company is billing as a “carbon negative cement.” The most recent stimulus for these stories is that in February, a New York-based consultancy group called…

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Tutorials on making small items from geopolymer cements

By / April 2, 2010

Geopolymer Ceramic mixing from Geopolymer Institute on Vimeo. Geopolymer Ecological Cement mixing from Geopolymer Institute on Vimeo. For more information on geopolymers, see this explanation from Trudy Kriven.

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Geopolymer: A cheaper, greener alternative for cement

By / February 9, 2010

[flash mode=1 f={image=/ceramictechtoday/wp-content/video/kriven_geopolymer_icacc10.jpg}] In the revolutionary way that aerogel is starting to redefine insulation, geopolymer may be poised to redefine cement, concrete and a lot of other advanced composite materials. And, like aerogel, geopolymer hasn’t received the public attention it should. In this video,  geopolymer expert Trudy Kriven, a professor of material science at…

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Thermal Character of Geopolymers Synthesized from Class F Fly Ash Containing High Concentrations of Iron and alpha-Quartz

By / January 28, 2010

Volume 7 Issue 1, Pages 81 – 88 William D. A. Rickard, Arie van Riessen, Philip WallsPublished Online: Nov 19 2008 12:56PM DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7402.2008.02328.x ABSTRACT This article reports the thermal characteristics of geopolymers prepared with a class F fly ash containing 15 wt% iron oxide and 20 wt%α-quartz. The characterization techniques used included dilatometry, TGA, DTA, XRD,…

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Australians ready to market fire-resistant geopolymer

By / June 27, 2009

Australia’s national science agency says it has developed a new, strong fire-blocking material. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization calls the material HIPS (‘hybrid inorganic polymer system’). According to the Melbourne-based CSIRO, construction materials given a coating of HIPS can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C. CSIRO describes HIPS as a geopolymer: It contains an…

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