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Energy-saving windows getting smarter, cheaper

By Jim Destefani / November 12, 2013

Smart window technology is getting smarter and less expensive thanks to an electrochromic coating technology.

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R&D 100 winners announced

By Jim Destefani / July 12, 2013

Developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Heliotrope Technologies, universal smart window coating is an inexpensive nanocomposite electrochromic coating said to allow dynamic control of the amounts of heat and light entering a building’s windows. Credit: LBNL R&D Magazine has announced the winners of its 51st annual R&D 100 Awards, which recognize the 100 most technologically…

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ARPA-E award helps Berkeley Lab groups shine smart windows tech

By / December 7, 2012

Berkeley Lab researchers will use their new grant to perfect new thin-film and manufacturing technologies that will can deliver low-cost window coatings that can be switched reversibly through three states: fully transparent, visibly transparent while heat blocking and light and heat blocking. Credit: LBL. A research group led by Delia Milliron at the Lawrence Berkeley…

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