Meilin Liu

New barium oxide/nickel interface demonstrated for self-cleaning, lower temp SOFC anode

By / June 23, 2011

Regents professor Meilin Liu (right) and postdoctoral researcher Mingfei Liu examine a button fuel cell used to evaluate a new self-cleaning anode material based on barium oxide. The self-cleaning technique could allow fuel cells to be powered by coal gas. Credit: Georgia Tech Photo, Gary Meek. The nation’s energy spotlight has drifted away from solid…

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Lowering the temperature of SOFCs

By / October 6, 2009

Technology Review reported that researchers at Georgia Tech have developed an anode material that resists the buildup of sulfur and carbon that can occur at lower temperatures. SOFCs require high temperatures to run efficiently. The higher the temperatures, the higher the costs. Nickel, often used as a catalyst in the anode, is prone to contamination…

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