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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / January 22, 2013

These were, at least, interesting to me: MIT researchers discover a new kind of magnetism Following up on earlier theoretical predictions, MIT researchers have now demonstrated experimentally the existence of a fundamentally new kind of magnetic behavior, adding to the two previously known states of magnetism. Ferromagnetism—the simple magnetism of a bar magnet or compass…

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Supercomputer to design new nuke plants

By / May 27, 2010

The “Jaguar” – the most powerful computer in the world – will be used to design the next generation of nuclear reactors, according to an Oak Ridge National Lab press release. The goal is to integrate existing nuclear energy and nuclear national security modeling and simulation capabilities with high-performance computing to simulate radiation in order…

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Sandia, NREL now have 180-teraflop computer for energy modeling

By / April 30, 2010

Sandia National Lab and the National Renewable Energy Lab have just unveiled a nice, new tool: a 180-teraflop supercomputer designed and built by the Sun/Oracle and Intel corporations. The specs for the computer, nicknamed Red Mesa, were developed jointly by SNL and NREL, although the computer is physically located at SNL. Red Mesa is the…

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Major efficiency leap possible in sintering [updated]

By / March 23, 2009

[This post has drawn a lot of attention, and we have updated it with the assistance of Professor Pan] A group of engineers at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, led by ACerS member Jingzhe Pan, believe they’ve made a critical breakthrough for improving sintering processes. The group describes their new approach as…

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