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Role of hydrogen bonds in extremely flexible vanadium oxide nanofiber paper

By Eileen De Guire / March 19, 2013

Hydrogen bonding contributes to the extreme flexibility of vanadium pentoxide paper made from high aspect ratio nanofibers. Credit: Burghard; Wiley. Last fall I wrote about a small, highly focused conference in Germany I attended called, “Generation of Inorganic Functional Materials Implementation of Biomineralization Principles.” The idea behind biomineralization is to adapt natural processes to synthesize…

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Flexible cellulose aerogel to overcome brittleness

By / August 24, 2010

PopSci recently reported that a team of researchers have created a new cellulose aerogel. The researched was published in Nature Nanotechnology. The team, composed of scientists from the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, soaked cellulose in a metal compound solution and freeze-dried it, removing all the moisture and…

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