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Ceramics and glass business news of the week

By / January 27, 2012

Here’s what we are hearing: Kyocera’s 315-watt, 80-cell solar module launches in the US Kyocera Solar Inc. has announced the launch of its highest-output solar module, the 80-cell KD 315. The new module is ideal for large-scale installations like solar-covered parking, and is now available for US customers. Designed for high output, safety and ease…

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Polysilicon spot-market prices drop; indicator of long-term trend?

By / December 3, 2009

Via Greentech Media, a recent report indicates that there has been a dramatic fall off in the spot market price of polysilicon, a development that may help continue to lower the price of solar panels. First, it can’t be emphasized enough that spot market pricing is much different than typical production-volume pricing. The spot market…

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Cutting PV costs, Part 2: Process improvements vs. science breakthroughs

By / September 24, 2009

Yesterday we posted a Technology Review video interview with Emanuel Sachs (1366 Technologies’ chief technology officer and professor of mechanical engineering at MIT) in which he and Craig Lund (1366’s director of business development) discuss some of the new technologies the company is incorporating into PV panels. Sachs did what I think is a very…

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