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Ceramic and glass business news of the week

By Lisa McDonald / February 15, 2019

Micromeritics instrument operator training schedule released, AM resin database finalized, and more ceramic and glass business news of the week for February 15, 2019.

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Freedonia: World refractory demand to grow annually 3.4 percent through 2016

By Eileen De Guire / March 22, 2013

Credit: The Freedonia Group Inc. The Freedonia Group has just issued a new report about the market for refractory materials, “Refractories to 2016,” and, generally speaking, the outlook is good worldwide, including the view on North America and Western Europe, where refractory demand has ebbed and flowed quite a bit over the last decade. As…

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Freedonia predicts good things ahead for US refractories sales

By / December 18, 2012

Credit: The Freedonia Group. The 3.3 percent per year growth rate for US refractory sales that has just been predicted by a respected market research group through 2016 isn’t blistering—but I think most in the industry would take steady growth over the alternative. According to market research by the Freedonia Group, refractories sales in the US will grow to…

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